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Big Things Are Happening...

Big things are happening here at Magee Insurance Group. The first big thing is we now offer Auto and Homeowners insurance. Now you can come to MIG for Health, Life, Auto & Homeowners. We are happy to offer the convenience of getting these services all in one location


The next big thing... We are happy to announce that our new office will open February 15, 2019. The address is 1008 E Pass Rd, suite 1, Gulfport, MS 39507. If you're looking for us now, don't worry you can still get coverage up till then. Just give us a ring.

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The Marketplace will Reopen...

Just in case you missed it... Marketplace open enrollment has be extended. February 15th - May 15th, You can enroll into a Health Insurance Plan. Contact us today to enroll, or to get a quote. Click